Why Your Dog Follows You to the Bathroom?

A dog’s love has no bounds! even if that means following you into the bathroom. it would appear a bit weird while your puppy desires to watch you do your enterprise, however, it truly has a deeper which means. and while you find out the viable reasons behind it, you’ll possibly forestall demanding approximately it a lot.

Here at Genial Buzz, we adore to get to the bottom of apparently unexplainable matters and search for causes. so right here are some viable reasons why your pet would not want to offer you privateness when you need it most.

Dogs live in packs.


Dogs live in social packs and might start to feel unhappy or susceptible whilst they may be suddenly left alone. They need constant interaction with others and it’s their instinct to do things with the family, like eat, play, and sleep together. So when you need a little privacy, they don’t understand it. In fact, they think they’re doing you a favor by keeping you company.

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