14 Famous Celebs You Did Not Know Were Once A Couple

We often forget that celebs are a bit like us. They’ll be rich and famous, but they’re a bit like the remainder folks when it involves emotions. They, too, fall in and out of affection. Sometimes this might be multiple times until they find the proper person. But what’s surprising is that albeit they need no privacy, some celebs have dated that we didn’t even realize. These mostly happened back within the ’90s and early 2000s, but it’s still shocking.

1. Johnny Depp and Kate Moss


Johnny Depp became 31 whilst he dated kate moss, who became 20 at the time. He was a heartthrob in Hollywood, and Kate Moss was a longtime model. Their relationship was quite turbulent, which also resulted during a broken bedroom and a variety of scandals and news headlines. They were in their prime, and that they lived their lives as wildly as possible.

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