Mother Nature: Here Are Some of the Cutest Pregnant Animals in the World

While we consider wild animals in nature, what regularly comes to thoughts is smooth, muscular predators moving via the jungle with deadly grace. but even the maximum ferocious, fearsome predators within the animal country have their moments of softness, and – dare we say it? – even cuteness.

We’ve scoured the web and found some of the rarest, most endearing photos of pregnant animals out there – and we’re sure that after you’ve read all the way to the end, you won’t be able to see tigers, bats or turtles the same way, ever again.

Monk Seal Mother


While many seals prefer the frozen oceans of the Arctic, the endangered monk seal enjoys the tropical climates of Hawaii and the Mediterranean.

While humans are known to have especially long pregnancies compared to most mammals in the animal kingdom, monk seals actually surpass us in the amount of time it takes them to carry their offspring to term.

Female monk seals remain pregnant for around a year – sometimes more! – but once they give birth, they will only stay with their newborn pups for five to six weeks.

During this period the mother stays as close as she can to her offspring, not even leaving to hunt or eat. Over this period, the mother loses a significant amount of her body weight, and spends most of her time feeding her offspring and teaching them to swim.

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