19 Places in the World That Can Turn an Ordinary Tourist Into Indiana Jones

We often dream of happening vacation within the summer, but experienced travelers claim that the most superficial times for a visit are fall and spring. So, we’ve collected the simplest places for you to travel to on this list, incorporating a Malta village from a famous comedy film to an Irish crater/observatory.

The Genial Buzz team suggests that you take a glance in the least of those lovely places and see that the planet is filled with unique destinations.

1. Flamingo Beach, Aruba

Instagram / JennaSilver

This is paradise — beaches where beautiful flamingos will eat from your hands. They sleep in Aruba, which is a component of the dominion of the Netherlands.

By the way, the warmest month in Aruba in September. And therefore, the local flamingos don’t migrate here; they live here all year round, and that they feel relatively safe near people who always give them something tasty to eat.

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