12 Tourist Attractions That Can Put Your Courage to the Test

We all love unique forms of tourism, and at the same time, as some of us pick sunbathing at the coast, others spend their time coming across local museums. However, there are a few folks who actually cannot believe their holiday without trying out their courage and pushing their limits. In case you’re such a so-called dare-devils, strolling on a narrow plank within the mountains or bungee jumping from a helicopter right into the heart of an active volcano can be just what you need for a perfect holiday.

Right here at Genial Buzz, we suffered thru sweaty fingers to make this listing of exciting traveler places to help you plan the maximum thrilling journey of your life.

1. Zhangjiajie glass bridge, Zhangjiajie, china

Zhangjiajie glass bridge is the most significant and highest bridge with a glass backside within the world. The bridge creates a beautiful view and gives the phantasm which you’re strolling on air 984 feet above the floor. Apart from just on foot along the “invisible” bridge, you can bungee jump or zip-line off of it at the same time as admiring the exceptional stone pillars down under you.

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